Scars of life di Daniele Deriu a Glasgow

Scars of life di Daniele Deriu a Glasgow

Sono orgoglioso di annunciare che la serie “Scars of life” stavolta “approda” (è il caso di dirlo) nelle Lowlands scozzesi occidentali, nella suggestiva Glasgow, nel tentativo di essere d’aiuto a fondazioni prestigiose come la British Heart Foundation e il Macmillan Cancer Support Scotland.

Ancora un grazie all’instancabile Cristiano Spadaccio (l’eroe dei due mondi) per la preziosa organizzazione.

C’è stato un periodo in cui ero riluttante a investire il progetto di una qualche valenza “sociale”. Alcune persone mi hanno fatto cambiare idea. Grazie.


La presentazione della serata in inglese:

British Heart Foundation and MacMillan Cancer Research are pleased to present a photographic journey in the deep feelings of who will bring the scars of their life for ever

A fantastic collection of artworks by italian artist Daniele Deriu will be displayed and auctioned with proceedings going to the sponsoring charities.

His work has been inspired by the japanese concept of “Kintsugi” which means repairing with gold. In Japan when a vase gets broken people repair it using some gold liquid instead of toasting it. They not only repair the vase but highlight the cracks and its imperfections…making that vase unique
On the skin of people undergone significant operation, the gold represents the courage of fighting, the symbol of their motivation to never giving up.
This gold will embellish the stories engraved on the skin of these ordinary heroes, will make them beautifully unique

This will be a night to share all this through these amazing photographs, will be a night to understand, a night to increase awareness of many different diseases and to encourage people towards acceptance and positive reaction to these.

During the night, researchers and scientist will be invited to give talks on the current advancement in scientific research on heart disease and cancer

A talk on the psychological aspects of disease acceptance will be given by an expert psychiatrist from, USA

A concert for violin will be hosted

A drink will be included in a symbolic donation for the charities

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